Potty Procedure

If a child requires help from staff in the washroom the door must be left open for the safety of children and staff.

Parking and pickup

Parents must park in the designated parking spots only!  The first row of parking (at the top of our stairs and along the sidewalk) is not to be used, as it is specially designated for placard holders and church staff only. Using these spaces for "quick" drop-offs is putting those that require them at risk. Ample spaces are available in the parking lot.

Children are required to stay in the classroom until we see the designated pickup person.  Please escort your child into the classroom and inform us if someone other than yourself will be picking up your child.

What to Bring

  • A backpack

  • Snack and drink

  • A change of clothing to be left in backpack

  • A pair of inside shoes to be taken home daily

  • A water bottle

Please label everything with your child's name.

First Day of School Supplies

  • Scrapbook – grey Hilroy large

  • 10 post-dated cheques or have previously arranged cash or e-transfer options (e-mail for e-transfer abcds@live.ca)

Fees and Payment

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday monthly fee $170.00

  • Tuesday/Thursday mornings monthly fee $135.00

  • Tuesday/Thursday afternoons monthly fee $120.00

There is a $100.00 program fee due twice annually, by the 15th of each of September and January. This covers field trips, in-class parties, and classroom essentials. An interest charge of 10% will be added to late tuition. There is a $35.00 N.S.F. charge for returned cheques.

If a parent chooses to cancel their child's registration at Pollywogs to Leaping Frogs Preschool, notification is required in writing 30 days in advance.

Class Times

  • Morning classes 9:15 – 11:30

  • Afternoon classes 12:30 – 2:45

Daily Schedule

  • First hour and fifteen: free play and small or individual time for craft and worksheets/book

  • Ten minute clean up

  • Ten minute snack time

  • Twenty minutes gym time

  • Fifteen minute closing circle – ABC movie (froggy TV, three letters per day) special helper, theme story, song and good-bye