Polices and Procedures

Child Guidance Policy

When a situation arises that requires adult intervention a positive approach will be taken to encourage healthy self-esteem and self image. 

The following methods/techniques may be utilized in the school setting:

  • Re-directing children’s positive and desired behaviours
  • Encourage children to use their words instead of yelling, hitting, etc.
  • Model positive and desired behaviours, such as taking turns, making good choices, including others, etc.

If a child is at risk of hurting themselves or others they will be quietly escorted to a safe place in the classroom.  Staff will stay with the child until they are ready to return to the classroom.  If a child is asked more than three times to end a negative behaviour they may be excluded from group activities.  Parents will be notified verbally in person or by writing when a parent is not available when a child has been removed from an activity. 

All problems will be resolved in a manner that is developmentally appropriate and is reasonable in the circumstance.  No child shall be punished physically, or degraded verbally or emotionally. Basic necessities will not be denied as a means of punishment. Children will not be physically restrained or confined in isolation at any time.  

Dismissal Policy

We believe all children are entitled to learn and play in a safe environment.  If an unsolvable situation arises in which as child has been abusive/destructive they may be asked to leave the program.  Every effort will be made to solve the issues prior to this taking place.  

Pollywogs to Leaping Frogs Preschool reserves the right to dismiss any child at any time for any and all reasons not previously mentioned. 

Health and Safety 

The following policies are intended to minimize the risks inherent to caring for children in a group setting.   The primary purpose of the following policies is to protect and maintain the health of each child and that of the teaching staff. 

  1. Enrolment shall not exceed 22 children per class.
  2. In case of illness or accident, parents will be contacted immediately. Two emergency contact numbers will be provided in case the parent/s cannot be contacted. The sick child will be supervised in a separate area until they can be removed from preschool. The child will receive medical attention as necessary.
  3. Alberta Health Care number and Doctors name, address, and phone number is required for all children enrolled in our program.
  4. Parent must inform staff if an individual other than the parent or caregiver is picking up their child.  The individual must provide an valid photo I.D. such as a drivers license.

Recommendations for Daily Inclusion or Exclusion

  1. Mild illness is common in young children and will not require children to be excluded from preschool.  This might include sniffles, sneezes, and a clear runny nose.
  2. Children must be excluded from preschool if any of the following exists: vomiting, fever, diarrhea, a new or unexplained rash or cough, if the child requires greater care and attention than can be provided without compromising the care of the other children in the program, or if the child is displaying any other illness or symptoms the staff member knows or believes may indicate that the child poses a health risk. If the child’s parent provides written notice from a physician indicating the child does not pose a health risk they may return to school.
  3. If a child begins displaying any of the above symptoms at preschool, they will be isolated and supervised by a primary staff member until parents can make arrangements to pick up the child. The child’s parents must make immediate arrangement for the removal of the child and the child may not be allowed to return until the staff is satisfied that the child is no longer a health risk.
  4. Parents and caregivers are required to report any communicable diseases to the preschool or health unit so that outbreaks can be monitored.


The teaching staff will not administer medication other than an EPI pen for a life threatening allergic reaction.  The EPI pen must be in the originally labelled container and we require written consent from the child’s parents/caregivers.

A record will be kept including the date, time, medication, amount and name of person who administered medication.  All EPI pens will be stored in a place that is easily accessed by staff but not reachable by children. 

Health Care (Accidents)

Pollywogs will only provide health care to a child if we have the written consent of parents or if the health care is in the form of first aid. If a child has an accident requiring first aid, it shall be administered immediately. If emergency medical care is required, one caregiver will provide temporary first aid while the second caregiver will call 911. First aid shall be provided by caregivers until EMT staff arrive. Paramedics will decide if the child needs to be transported by ambulance. If the child is transported by ambulance to the hospital, parent/guardians are responsible for any costs incurred.

Emergency numbers and addresses of emergency services are posted by the telephone. 

An incident report will be completed and signed by the attending teaching staff and by the parent/guardian for all incidents, and a copy will be given to the director.

The following will be reported immediately to regional child care office using the prescribed form:

  • any and all incidents requiring an emergency evacuation, program closure, intruder on the premises, an illness or injury requiring emergency health care or requiring overnight hospital stay.
  • an error in the administration of medication by a program staff or volunteer resulting in the child becoming seriously ill or requiring first aid, or the program requesting emergency health care and/or requires the child to remain in hospital overnight.
  • the death of a child.
  • the unexpected absence of a child (lost child).
  • a child being removed from the program by a non-custodial parent or guardian.
  • an allegation of physical, sexual or emotional abuse and/or neglect of a child by a program staff member or volunteer.
  • the commission by a child of an offence under the Act of Canada or Alberta.
  • a child being left on the premises outside of the program’s operating hours. 

Pollywogs to Leaping Frogs Preschool will record and document children who are ill including:

  • the name of the child.
  • the staff member who identified that the child was ill
  • the date the child was observed to be ill.
  • the date and time the parents were contacted.
  • the staff member who contacted the parents.
  • the date and time the child was removed from the program. 

All incidents are analyzed annually and a report, using the prescribed form, is submitted to the regional child care office. 

Life Threatening Allergies

Parents/Guardians of children with severe allergies are required to notify, in writing, details of the condition and any necessary treatment procedures. 

The Pollywogs Classroom is nut free as in the entire United Church building. It may be necessary to ban other foods or substances.

Despite these measures, we cannot guarantee an allergy free environment. 

Off Site Activity (Field Trip) Plan

All field trips or off site activities will be announced in our monthly newsletters and posted on the bulletin board located outside the classroom. Parents are required to sign permission forms on the bulletin board located outside the classroom.

Supervisors shall carry portable records to all off site activities.


Please provide a small healthy snack and drink for your child to eat.  Be aware that we are a nut free school and will have to confiscate any snacks containing nuts. Please label snack bags and containers. A water bottle with the child’s name on it is also recommended.  

Snack times are 10:45 for morning classes and 1:50 afternoon classes. 


Absolutely no smoking is allowed on the premises.  No staff member shall smoke where child care is being provided.