Record Keeping

Children’s records

Pollywogs will keep a record of the following on the premises:

  • Child’s name, birthday, and home address
  • Completed enrollment form
  • Parent’s name, home address and telephone number
  • Emergency contact name, home address and telephone number
  • Medication consent and administration procedure from parent/guardian
  • Incident reports outlining and health care provided including written consent of child’s parent/guardian
  • Any other relevant health information including information about immunizations and allergies

Administrative Records

Pollywogs will keep the following records on the premises:

  1. Daily attendance including arrival and departure times
  2. Staff child care certification, first aid certification, and valid criminal record checks

Portable records

Portable records will be kept for off-site activities containing the following:

  1. All of the same information as on the child’s records above
  2. Telephone numbers of local emergency response service and poison control