• Children are to be supervised directly by teaching staff at al times. A visual check is conducted prior to class to ensure that the play space is safe and in good repair. The classroom is set up in a manner that allows all centres to be seen and supervised easily. The bathroom door is left open when children are being attended to by staff and volunteers.
  • Parents are required to sign children in and out of preschool.
  • Children will be handed directly to parent/guardian after class.
  • Head count is done continually during off-site activity.
  • Transportation to and from preschool and field trips are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
  • Additional supervision may be required for field trips or off-site activities. Parents may be required to volunteer at this time. Parents are informed of supervision requirements in monthly newsletter and bulletin board located outside the classroom. 

Fire Drill and Emergency Plan

  1. Supervisor will pull the alarm.
  2. Worker will get the emergency contact book, line children up at the door, and exit out. 
  3. We will gather at the muster point located in the northwest corner of the parking lot.
  4. The supervisor will take attendance.
  5. We will proceed to Bubbleā€™s Car Wash (40 Green Grove Drive) and call the fire department.  Parents/Guardians or emergency contacts will be called.  
  6. If it is safe, an evacuation notice will be posted on the church door.
  7. Teaching staff will remain with children until all children have been picked up.